Knowledge Management System

Modernize your Knowledge Management System

Build an advanced knowledge management system for searching, managing and accessing otherwise hidden information across multiple platforms.

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Knowledge Management System Core Features

Every basic knowledge management feature is covered with Nuxeo Platform.

• Rich meta-data
• All content types
• Search
• Workflow
• Connectors
• Analytics

Make knowledge base management easier

Boost productivity and morale with tools that let your teams work the way they’ve always wanted to. Nuxeo can automate and accelerate the time-consuming manual processes that have been holding your teams back.


See everything.

Our virtual repository consolidates your knowledge base and all of your enterprise information and data into a single, easily accessible location, so employees never have to waste valuable time.


Customize the experience.

Our API-first architecture empowers you to maximize the productivity of existing infrastructure. Employees can continue working with the applications they are most familiar with, while the Nuxeo Platform keeps your assets highly secure and compliant.

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Expand beyond your limits.

Nuxeo can handle any asset, regardless of size or type. We accommodate a limitless number of data attributes, allowing you to deploy even the most complex workflows and data models at enterprise scale.

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