TBWA optimizes global advertising campaigns with the Nuxeo Platform "Nuxeo allows us to maximize the value our clients gain from those assets" - Stefan Born, IT Director, Germany, C&EE

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« Import huge media files, automatically resize images, convert videos to new formats, and manage hundreds of metadata fields are daily tasks for us. »
  • Flexible XML schema data model supports fast-changing data models and hundreds of complex metadata fields per asset
  • Automate bulk media imports including metadata
  • Automate media processing based on workflow-driven business logic, such as transcoding videos to select new formats based on metadata
  • Hierarchical storage models: Direct binary files to desired storage based on business rules, including link to CDNs (CloudFront, Azure CDN, MaxCDN, Akamai, etc.) and cloud storage (AWS, Azure)


« We need enough scalability to accommodate huge 20-100GB video files with constantly changing metadata and access controls. »

Massively scalable media repository:

  • Includes support for NoSQL (MongoDB) storage backend with GridFS
  • Elasticsearch used for dedicated content indexing for very fast search queries


« We need a new MAM platform that will integrate with existing purpose-built applications instead of requiring us to rip and replace. »
  • Easily integrate data from existing applications into Nuxeo repository and workflows
  • Use existing add-on integration packages and/or build your own custom plug-in

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Customer video: Discover how the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) uses the Nuxeo Platform for fast, transparent case management for criminal investigations

Watch how a full service ad agency, GSD&M, replaced their legacy DAM solution with the Nuxeo Platform to more effectively managing client videos and other media with new process automation. You can also read the GSD&M case study.

Read our Tech Brief, explaining how Nuxeo successfully integrated MongoDB as a NoSQL repository backend, providing enough scale for a massive video on demand platform.


« Our users must be able to find files based on when and where they can be used, and then easily work with them. »

Elasticsearch, the default query engine, provides excellent search performance:

  • Full text, fuzzy, faceted search, and much more
  • Users easily navigate through asset lists, using facets based on metadata categories

Complete, user friendly digital asset management, including:

  • Automatic storyboard extraction
  • HTML5-based video preview
  • Annotate images online; identify differences between two images
  • Easily work with multimedia files using client applications without leaving the Nuxeo Platform


« Our content must go through multiple rounds of approval before publishing. We need to be able to surface content to only certain groups/people until they are approved. »
  • Workflow engine enables creation of custom workflows and automation processes to facilitate group review and approval of a media asset. Nuxoe Studio offers visual design of workflows and business logic with no coding required.
  • Built-in lifecycle management, including automatic update to an asset’s lifecycle state based on its progress through a workflow
  • Fully customizable security, based on access controls, lifecycle state and other metadata, ensures only the right users access the right content at the right time

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