Jeppesen, a Boeing company, relies on the Nuxeo Platform to provide over 100,000 pilots with iPad access to vital flight documents, previously carried in 20-lb. flight bags.

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« Our mobile users must be able to access, create and update content on demand, even when they don’t have a reliable network connection. »

Schema-flexible content model designed for complex, constantly changing data:

  • Content Modeling: create business specific data object that can be delivered to your mobile apps (thanks to nuxeo’s rich content model)
  • Content is natively available as JSON object for easy caching and display from any mobile app
  • Render video and images for consumption on mobile devices


« Our mobile app must support a broad range of devices and technologies. »

SDKs and client libraries provided for wide array of devices:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Javascript for React and other js-based platforms
  • .Net for Windows Mobile/Surface

Device-specific APIs and Nuxeo Platform APIs allow for efficient code reuse between desktop and mobile devices

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Additional Resources:

Read our blog post to learn everything about the Jeppesen success story and how they provided an iPad for every pilot beating a 20lb flight bag any day.

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« We need to make sure all content remains secure and traceable to confirm delivery was made only to authorized workers. »
  • Write-only audit log to track content delivery and user actions
  • Fine grained security regardless of device or location with access controls and custom security policies


« All assets must be searchable and accessible from any device, at any time. We also have specific search requirements to set up like leveraging geo-localization for search and delivery of content. »
  • Full Elasticsearch functionality embedded within Nuxeo Platform, including geo-distance based content search and much more
  • Advanced search and query engine supports aggregates and facets, advanced full text search capabilities (search across metadata, annotations or closed caption)
  • Navigate through asset lists, media thumbnails, through metadata categories, or apply category filters
  • Dynamic filtering on multiple facets or metadata, automatically clustered with displayed number of found results
  • Fuzzy query or proximity search, Synonyms, Suggestions and “More like this” algorithm, Weighing
  • Fully configurable navigation facets which can be defined independently for a given asset type
  • Full query capabilities available through the API using NXQL, CMISQL or the Elasticsearch DSL
  • Security-filtered search: users always only see digital assets they have access to

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