A PIM solution for food producers, retailers and service providers « Nuxeo is the foundation of our product information management strategy, including our plans to expand our customer base beyond food producers to many other industries. » - Christophe Mahe, Keendo

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Data Model

« We need a PIM system to store highly complex product data using a structured that won’t break when we add or revise products, product attributes or data sources. »

Schema-flexible content model designed for complex, constantly changing data:

  • XML schema-based data model can be faceted for fast evolving models
  • JSON as data format for bandwidth efficiency and data model change resilient clients
  • Nested properties and thousands of fields per object, structured in any way


« The PIM solution needs to integrate all product information - data and content - in a single trusted repository. »

Store and manage all product data and content, at unmatched scale and speed, including:

  • Structured data, with connections to ERP and other enterprise systems
  • Technical docs and manuals
  • Images, video and other digital assets

See Nuxeo in Action

Watch Keendo CEO and former VIF executive Christoph Mahe discuss the company’s PIM/PLM application, fulfilling the complex needs of food manufacturers.

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« Our customers and partners and users must be able to trust that the product information we deliver is fully reliable and accurate. »

Global workflows ensure proper handling of all product information, including:

  • Validate new data; trigger new workflows to correct errors detected
  • Track approvals for revised product documents and digital media
  • Sync/recalc data as metadata is added or updated

Always up-to-date, integrated versioning and lifecycle state for all content:

  • Distribute approved version while working on upcoming revisions (working copy concept)
  • Automatically update lifecycle state based on workflows
  • Easily identify updated assets and changes between objects or versions, including visual differences on images


« Users of our solution need their own custom views and analysis of product information for their specific needs. »
  • Nuxeo Studio lets you easily define and configure custom application views, themes, layouts, widgets and actions
  • Create custom events to be logged for ad hoc, business specific metrics and data
  • Built-in visual dashboards enable users to visually monitor and track key metrics and trends; identify issues before they become serious problems

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