Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts (EA) ensures its business success through secure global delivery of video game builds using the Nuxeo Platform for digital asset management.

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« We need to implement military-style clearance (multiple independent levels of security) to access assets. »
  • “Always-on” security; all data access is verified at low-level
  • Fine-grained ACLs attached to each object, inheritance control
  • Dynamic security filtering for custom access requirements


« Access must be restricted to specific asset renditions depending on context. »
  • Protect rendition and file download with business rules
  • Convert or alter media on the fly before download
  • Add watermark to pictures and videos
  • Downgrade media to a low-res version
  • Fingerprint digital files


« I need to implement advanced, dynamic approval processes to assets and/or renditions for my team. »
  • Request access to assets and renditions via workflow process
  • Drive ACLs via workflow processes
  • Archive requests and approvals to ensure accountability


« We need to securely distribute large HD videos from CloudFront at enterprise scale. »
  • Fast, secure integration with CDNs (CloudFront, Azure CDN, MaxCDN, Akamai, etc.)
  • Each download request is authorized by Nuxeo Platform and enabled by short-lived URL valid only for that request


« I want to quickly view which managers granted user requests for high res media downloads, by month. »
  • Record all events (read/write) into a centralized, write-only audit log
  • Create custom events to be logged for ad hoc, business specific metrics and data
  • Use built-in visual dashboards or create new analytic views of performance and activity data

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