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Accelerate your Products Launches

Product Asset Management

Use product content to conquer trends and power up your launches, with Nuxeo Platform — the leading platform for Product Asset Management.

Representing the next step of evolution beyond Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems, Product Asset Management (PAM) is a new approach that takes content beyond the marketing department to connect content, data, and assets across the organization.


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Materials Library

A top cosmetics company uses Nuxeo to better organize its formulations library, so developers of new beauty products have the latest ingredients, testing, and safety info at their fingertips.


Product Design

Shoe and apparel designers at a top brand use Nuxeo to design collaboratively, with better awareness of material availability, cost, and minimum order size.


Photo Studio

A major product company uses Nuxeo to create consistency between product imagery from different global studios and deliver it to retail partners fast.


Campaign development

A global food company uses Nuxeo to run a more efficient creative studio and expand omnichannel ecommerce content by orders of magnitude.


Packaging design

A leading beauty company uses Nuxeo to design packaging more quickly and collaboratively, with always-updated key product information available to apply to designs.


Content hubs

One top global company uses Nuxeo to deliver text and HTML content-as-a-service for all types of content to a wide range of customer-facing applications.


Product knowledge

A major retailer uses Nuxeo to ensure that call center workers can answer product questions quickly and accurately.

Product Creative Life Cycle Management
Top-performing companies can deliver product to market in less than six to eight weeks. The typical lead time in the industry is more than 40 weeks — far too long to stay ahead of consumers.” McKinsey & Company
Product development is <span class="is-blue">information-hungry</span>

Product development is information-hungry

Whether teams are sourcing materials to social media, they need more information to accelerate product development.

At the world’s largest companies, dozens of teams work across time zones and continents to put thousands of new SKUs on store shelves.

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Each link in the product development chain requires information:

Product Designer
What colors are available?
Just check the dashboard for always up-to-date information.
Creative Director
Who needs to approve this image?
It will be sent automatically through each level of review, with full visibility into who has made changes.
Web Content Manager
Which photos contain these two products together?
Just search for assets that contain both — results are available instantly.

Make your information work smarter

Develop products faster, and you can conquer trends and delight customers. With Nuxeo, break down information silos that keep your teams from doing their best work fast.

Our Digital Asset Management system works with any file type or format (image, video, 3D…), enabling scalable, flexible control over the information that matters at every stage in the product development process.

Our vision of DAM
Make your information work <span class="is-blue">smarter</span>

Master the creative
assets lifecycle

Cloud-native for globally-scalable flexibility, low-code for easy configuration, Nuxeo Platform connects and streamlines the product creative life cycle at every step.

Empower your
design teams

Free your teams from manual handoffs and information silos, so they can get back to doing what they do best — getting the next hit product into the market.

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