From where we sit, the rest of the market is looking at the situation all upside down. It’s not about storing creative, file sharing or viewing documents on mobile. This misses the point. It’s really about embracing a new digital asset strategy. Today’s disruptive opportunity: Unlock the full value of all digital assets to drive digital transformation. It’s time to move digital asset strategies beyond marketing to encompass the entire organization, from sales and support to engineering, finance, human resources and core business functions. The challenge is that this digital transformation is being held back by the limitations of old enterprise content management (ECM) and DAM technologies. They are simply not designed to turn data into highly usable digital assets.

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Main Digital Transformations We're Solving

The complexity of objects from which is made enterprise content

The increasing variety of content types and delivery channels

The larger size of content and throughput

From File-Centric Models to Dynamic Data Models

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Is your data model constantly evolving?

Nuxeo has a flexible data model that can help you transform your data into highly valuable assets, with unlimited attributes and no restrictions on type or size of complex objects.

Is your content living in complex objects like JSON with dynamic, nested properties?

Nuxeo provides incredible performance and scale with high availability, resiliency and military-grade security. We support SQL and NoSQL databases (MongoDB as a persistence engine) as well as a horizontally scalable query engine with Elasticsearch for advanced search and analytic capabilities.

Are your workflows actually more like active and dynamic processes?

Define content lifecycles, complex business workflows and process automation that meet your exact business needs.

A New Variety of Content Types and Delivery Channels

Your Challenges

Media files are core to your business

Pictures, videos and other media assets are becoming core to many business applications and heavily impact the type of processing and workload.

Content is delivered on many different devices

Content delivery channels are very varied (mobile devices, cloud apps) and can’t be addressed by legacy technology stacks.

Future-Proof Solutions

Your data model is changing all the time, and you need to face future challenges with a flexible & scalable ECM platform.

Our Solution

Ready for the most demanding environments

Using MongoDB as a data storage backend allows ultra performant applications deployments for giant and complex digital asset systems.

Embed into your Existing IT Systems & Devices

Maximize the use and productivity of existing systems and processes with Nuxeo’s API-first architecture. Enable employees to work in the applications where they are most productive, while maintaining high levels of security and compliance with native integrations. We provide connectors to EFSS services like Google Drive or Dropbox, but also Salesforce, Adobe Creative Cloud and many others.

Realize the full potential of every asset

Build a solution that can have a limitless number of data attributes to help realize the full value of every single asset. Allow its use without being limited by asset type, size or complexity. This will enable you to deploy even the most complex business workflows and data models at enterprise scale, mirroring your business.

Explosion of Content Volume

Which ECM solution can help with large and complex data model?

The Nuxeo Platform has a user friendly UI, and scalable processing, query and storage subsystems.

Which DAM solution can manage 1B content object?

The Nuxeo Platform has been tested and benchmarked to the tune of up to 1 billion documents. View the results of our nightly benchmarks here.


What's the best way to manage HD media files?

Nuxeo's system scales independently and horizontally (integrations with MongoDB and Elasticsearch) which voids any bottleneck.