Nuxeo University

Learn everything about the Nuxeo Platform and our products via our series of complimentary videos. Enroll in our certification program and become an official Nuxeo expert!

Learn Nuxeo with videos

What is Nuxeo University?

Nuxeo University is an online learning resource where Nuxeo administrators and end users can enroll in VOD training courses, take quizzes, submit code assessments, follow progress, and become certified.

Training videos available on Nuxeo University are intended to cover the entire scope of a deployment - from installation and configuration and general end-user training to more expert-level modules such as configuring your search, managing service extension points and more.

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Become Certified.

Advance your career by taking our courses and become a Nuxeo certified professional.

The certification program is divided into five areas, covering every aspect of the Nuxeo Platform:

  • Configuration: Nuxeo Studio skills, on Nuxeo Studio Modeler and Designer.
  • Front End development: REST API, development of custom applications based upon a Nuxeo Repository, Nuxeo Elements.
  • Backend development: Basic Java elements as operations and listeners, components creation, use of Nuxeo CLI.
  • Administration: Installation, instance configuration (nuxeo.conf, templates), monitoring, audit, authentication, permission management...
  • Architecture: Clustering, Data storage, VCS / NoSQL, Indexing, Multi-tenancy...

Become Nuxeo Certified

New to Nuxeo?

Follow the Learning plans! Nuxeo is easy to use, but don’t take our word for it - let us show you! You’ll be guided through a mix of theoretical courses and practical exercises that progress from easy to more difficult.

But before you do that, make sure to follow the Nuxeo Fundamentals Learning Plan. Whether you are a solution designer, an end-user or a developer, there will be a course for you to give you a clear functional tour of our product.

Put your knowledge into practice.

Watching videos and taking quizzes are great ways to learn, but nothing beats “hands-on” training opportunities!

We’ve created deployment scenarios and uses cases based on a fictional clothing company that has deployed Nuxeo to manage its product catalog. We’ll provide specific objectives, give you detailed instructions and documentation, outline the expected results, provide some tips & tricks, and much more.

Learn from the Experts.

Looking for the “tips and tricks of the trade?”

We’ve added videos created by the Nuxeo team on specific topics, such as demos and real-case examples - everything you need, for a successful project.

They Trust Us

Saimir Pollogati, Ikubinfo

Nuxeo University is the most appropriate place to start.

Kyle Kronyak, Cortex Vertical

Nuxeo University greatly lowers the barrier to entry for developers new to the Nuxeo platform.

André Mello, Efficeon

In the beginning, I booked an hour a day to study at the university.